FAQ: How do you even pronounce Wongela?



My name is *WONGELA
My *WIT is so stella'
*I KILL YOU with the rhymes I spit
I’m hella hella
*DEStined for the greater
like my man Mandela
*I’LL AIM for the sky
and land con las estrellas
Now listen here Capital
I’m the one I have it all
knowledge experience
a specialist cause I’m so  special
Let's talk about shipping
these products are so hip man
diving into tickets
you can say I’m in the deep end
Working remote means no jeans
and I like working in small teams
We’ll bring tenacity and will
to find solutions by any means
**mic drop**

*WONGELA*WIT *I KILL YOU *DES*I’LL AIM = Wongelawit Aklilu Dessalegn (kinda? no? ok.)