About Us

I am a Global Nomad/ Third Culture Kid. These are terms used for a person of any age/nationality who has lived a significant part of their early life in multiple cultures. I am also the founder of Global Nomads, a philanthropic and interactive art project created in 2012.

One night during my weekly existential crisis of "where is home", I decided to paint my face with the flags of all the countries I lived in. What once started as a creative outlet quickly turned into a fun project where I painted over 30 of my friend/family's faces. All art, photographs, sales and marketing were done by myself, and now Global Nomads has evolved into a non-profit that has been used to raise funds and awareness on multiple issues I care about. The motto of Global Nomads is to leave [countries] better than found, and I am proud to say that this project has worked with multiple organizations throughout the countries I lived in including Tanzania, Uganda, Costa Rica and Canada.

The most recent activity by Global Nomads is Time Nomads, an interactive art installation that lets you travel back in time by sending postcards to your future self. The intent is to explore two prominent issues in Canada: cultural identity and mental health.

Girl with colorful mailbox writing a postcard