Time Nomads Goes to Kamp Festival

Time Nomads Goes to Kamp Festival

In 2018, I packed up my tiny Suzuki Swift (Named JeSuz) and drove across the province to present Time Nomads at Kamp and Bass Coast Music Festival.

KAMP Festival is a summer camp for adults!

This is not your typical festival, or a wellness retreat, it is an experience that lets adults relive the classic childlike summer camp environment. Day time is filled with activities covering Arts & Crafts, Health & Wellness, Movement & Play and Outdoor Recreation while night time brings festival culture into the mix with a cozy tea lounge, film and art gallery, boutique vendor village, and a lively stage featuring fresh music, engaging visuals, and theatrical performances.

This event is all about participation! It’s about building your potential and connecting with others. It encourages recreation, and art creation, and welcomes participants to express yourself and inspire others to do the same. Time Nomads couldn't fit into a better scene. 


Right after the three day weekend was over, I threw my mailbox back in Jesuz and returned to present Time Nomads at Bass Coast