Time Nomads, Bass Coast, and Sustainability

Time Nomads, Bass Coast, and Sustainability

It was truly an honor to be asked back to Bass Coast Music Festival for the third year in a row! 

As you may have picked up by now, I love to incorporate repurposed materials into my artwork. I also love that Bass Coast always prioritizes the environment, and makes it a requirement to try and use sustainable methods of installation and use of materials. So this was a central theme considered every-time I designed Time Nomads to adapt to Bass Coast's theme of the year. 

In my first year, I incorporated repurposed wood to the stand of the mailbox. To match the theme of SPACE I  also used low voltage UV lights to activate the neon/glow-in-the-dark-paints on the mailbox. This in turn reduced the need for high-powered electronics. 

In the second year, I used a broken umbrella wrapped it in shiny material to imitate a PRISM. I then tie dyed a second hand king-size bed sheet and cut it in slits to have it flowing off corners of the umbrella to create the effect of wavelength dispersion. I also added solar powered lights to the inside of the “prism”.

This year the theme of DUALITY ties in well with Time Nomads. To reflect this, I incorporated a Past / Future theme by reaching out to past Bass Coast media and using their past images of Bass Coast for the postcards. I also designed a sitting area using second hand chairs and a table, as well as second hand clocks. All of these materials are reusable and sit in my garden today.